MG is now in Palestine

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MG in Palestine Deal

After the official signing of the MG brand distribution agreement in Palestine in 2023 between MG Motor and the Palestine Automobile Company, the historic British-born brand embarks on introducing new and exciting models in Palestine. MG aims to meet the needs of Palestinian car buyers by offering a wide range of award-winning electric and hybrid models with outstanding performances and high quality.

MG cars are known for their elegant and modern designs, combining comfort with superior performance. MG offers unique advantages that make the brand stand out in the Palestinian market. Among these benefits is the acclaimed manufacturer warranty that extends for 6 years or 200,000 kilometers on petrol vehicles, and 8 years or 200,000 kilometers on the battery, which is the longest warranty available in the market. This warranty ensures complete peace of mind for customers and reflects MG's confidence in the quality of its products.

In addition to its strong warranty, Palestine Automobile Company provides comprehensive services to its customers. These services include specialized maintenance and repairs at authorized service centers, as well as providing high-quality original spare parts. The company also offers excellent customer service aimed at satisfying the needs of customers and providing the highest standards of sales and after-sales services.

The services of the Palestine Automobile Company will be available at several strategic locations in Palestine, including its showrooms in Ramallah, Ersal Street, and Nablus, Beit Iba Main Street. These showrooms will serve as reference points for customers who wish to explore and purchase MG cars, showcasing a variety of models and options that cater to different customer needs and preferences.

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